Monday, May 14 | 10:00 - 17:00

Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel at the Depot, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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We currently have 100+ attendees registered and paid, but many have yet to create their participant profile. We've found that 85% of matchmakers create their profiles in the final two weeks, but don't wait!  The earlier you register, the more exposure you get!

SPLC Connect is a sustainability-oriented buyer-supplier matchmaking event, organized by

purchaser members of the Council who are serious about sidestepping greenwashing in order to find solutions that genuinely improve the social, environmental and economic performance of their supply chain!

SPLC Connect introduces purchasers to innovative suppliers who have earned the esteem of their sustainability-savvy purchasing professional peers and provides purchasers and suppliers the opportunities to build relationships through self-scheduled 15-minute one-on-one meetings.


How to register for this event?

Use the link below to register via the Summit registration portal. An email will be sent within 24-48 hours with your log in credentials for the matchmaking platform used for Connect. Included in the email will be instruction on the overall process, an invitation to create your profile, and a call to action to start scheduling appointments.

Buyers register for free | Member Suppliers: $250 | Non-member Suppliers: $450

Suppliers will be vetted by purchasing professionals with expertise in sustainability.

Suppliers will have offerings that align with the needs expressed by participating purchasers.

Emphasis will be put on inviting suppliers that are offering ground-breaking innovation.

“Unlike all other matchmaking events I have attended, all the players at the event had a shared interest in sustainability. This meant we shared a much more sincere interest in finding ways to work together than in other matchmaker situations.”

2016 and 2017 Connect Participant 

Discuss hot topics in small groups during the roundtable discussions.

Schedule up to 15 one-on-one meetings! 

Network with fellow participants over food and refreshments.

What to Expect

Register Now! 

*Buyers register for FREE!
*Schedule up to 15 one-on-one meetings!
*Improved participant messaging capabilities leading up to event. 
*Customizable profile to attract well-suited meeting matches.
*Suppliers and Buyers- start booking your meetings on March 1, 2018!


SPLC Connect, a matchmaking event, is a quick and easy way to meet potential buyers and suppliers. People meet and discuss opportunities at high speed. Fifteen minutes is usually enough to build relationships and identify areas for further discussion. 

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussion sessions are thirty-five minute topical conversations between up to 10 participants. You can choose to join a topical Roundtable Discussion instead of participating in one-on-ones throughout the day. This can be a nice way to meet multiple people at one time who have a common interest in a specific topic. It can also just be a nice break from participating in one-on-ones.   

How it Works

Step One

Register for Connect via the Summit registration site. Once approved (typically within 48 hours), you'll receive an email invite giving you access to the matchmaking platform.

Step Two

Watch our short tutorial video to set up your matchmaking profile and availability.

Step Three

Browse participants and schedule meetings. Check out our tutorial video to learn how to get started booking today!

2018 Roundtable Discussion Topics Include:

Measuring the Environmental, Social, and Economic Impact of Sustainable Purchasing

 Stakeholders love measurable, tangible results. Measure the impacts of your organization's sustainable purchasing efforts can yield a number of positive benefits, but it can be hard to do. Come ready to share experiences and discuss.

Engaging Suppliers Around Sustainability

Purchasers, how do you engage your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be engaged? What's most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences.

Supplier Sustainability Rating & Evaluation

Purchasers, how do you rate/evaluate your suppliers around sustainability? Suppliers, how do you want to be evaluated? What's most effective? Join this discussion to learn what other participants are trying and share your experiences.

Making the Business Case for Sustainable Purchasing

A common barrier to sustainable purchasing is the perception that it always costs more. But perception is not always reality. Come discuss with other Connect participants how to make the business case for sustainable purchasing.

Sustainability Certifications, Standards, and Labels

The number of sustainability certifications and standards in the marketplace can be overwhelming. But they are a critical enabler of sustainable procurement for many organizations. How can members of the SPLC community make sense of the sustainability standards landscape and help improve the quality and coverage of sustainability standards.

Advancing Safer Chemicals in Products

The toxicity of products and their effects on human health is coming under increased scrutiny. What actions can purchasers and suppliers take to make products safer? Come ready to share experiences and join the discussion. 

Zero Waste, Recycling, and the Circular Economy

Zero Waste and the Circular Economy are increasingly hot topics in the field of sustainability. How can organizations realistically incorporate them into business practices? Do they always make sense? Come ready to

share experiences and discuss.

Circular Economy Session Track Supported by HP.


How do I sign up for a Roundtable Discussion?

Roundtable Discussions occur concurrently with One-on-Ones and are intended to complement your matchmaking sessions; advance registration is not necessary. If you'd like to attend a specific Roundtable Discussion, do not select the concurrent One-on-One meeting during the registration process.

Supplier Selection Process

A committee of SPLC Purchaser Role members, supported by SPLC staff, reviews all nominated suppliers. Suppliers are selected to participate when their products and services offer superior environmental, social, and/or economic responsibility and when those solutions align with needs expressed by registering buyers. Committee approval is a requirement for SPLC Supplier members as well as non-members. Please do not book travel to attend Connect until your participation has been approved, which can take between 1-14 days depending on the committee meeting schedule.

In the weeks before the event, purchasers and suppliers will be able to review each others’ profiles and select who they would like to schedule meetings with.

How Can SPLC Suppliers Ensure They Are Considered?

All SPLC Supplier Role members are invited to submit a detailed profile when they login to Connect. To get started, register for Connect via the Summit registration site. The committee of purchasing professionals leading the supplier selection process will consider these profiles when selecting suppliers to admit to the event. There is no guarantee that member suppliers will be invited to participate given that spaces will be allocated in proportion to and in alignment with the needs of the registering purchasers.

We wish to appreciate the Procurement Division of the City of Ghent, Belgium, for hosting an excellent buyer-supplier matchmaking event during the 2014 EcoProcura Conference. The success of that event inspired SPLC Connect. Learn more about the City of Ghent's sustainable purchasing work


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